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FIN is the smartest, most comprehensive guide to the earth-shattering realm of fintech, and sits in the top 50 technology newsletters that Substack publishes. Veteran, award-winning business journalist James Ledbetter launched FIN in October 2020, out of a growing sense that mainstream media outlets were not fully or consistently conveying the revolution that is taking place where finance, technology and AI/ML meet.

Since then, FIN has provided exclusive interviews with the likes of Square cofounder Jim McKelvey; penetrating insights around the meme stock phenomenon and cryptocurrency market gyrations; lucid explanations for the sky-high valuations of fintech firms, and how the fintech phenomenon is changing everything from how people donate to charities to how startups raise capital. Since its launch, FIN’s insights have been read by millions of loyal viewers, thanks to being widely cited in media outlets, including National Public Radio, CNBC, FORTUNE, Forbes, and Business Insider.

To contact us, please send an e-mail to james@finnewsletter.com.

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James Ledbetter

Author, editor, content strategist. I am the former editor-in-chief of Inc. magazine, current executive editor of Observer, and my FIN newsletter is among the top 50 technology newsletters on Substack. E-mail me james@finnewsletter.com